Make Your Own Ballroom Dancing Jewelry

Want to make your own jewelry? Me too. Here’s my first attempt: (Made this from a piece of lace and rhinestones.)

But this weekend I decided to try my hand at making jewelry like you see at a ballroom competition. It’s a practical idea for how to save money on the dance floor and still be glam!!

This is my first simple attempt. If I can do this — so can you. Can’t wait to make some really intricate ones!

Stones, Gem-Tac, Fabric, Scissors, Gem Tool, Wax Paper

Supplies needed:
Wax paper
Fabric (I used flesh-colored spandex)
Rhinestones (some people prefer E6000 for stoning)
Small Paint Brush
Stone Applicator Tool

Latex for backing (for the serious)

UPDATE from rare bird: (That really flexible shiny backing you see on jewelry at the vendors is 100% silicone. If you go this route, be sure to cure it completely before allowing it to touch your skin! The version you see here works great and is cheaper. If you want to do the other way, just take lots of precautions with your skin and eyes and lungs!)

I just put some really cheap wax paper on an old baking sheet that I don’t use anymore.

Step 1: Lay out a piece of fabric on top of the wax paper and cover very well with Gem-Tac. I found that drizzling the glue over the piece evenly and spreading with a small brush works the best. Not enough glue makes the mesh slide all over; make sure you pour enough glue on. Do a double layer of the fabric covered in glue.

Ruined baking sheet put to good use!
Drizzle a goodly amount of glue on there

Step 2: Place your rhinestones down in the pattern of your choice. Here is a hair strip I made for a friend of mine who didn’t want to pay $80 for the same piece at a comp.  Pictured below is a simple hair piece and the beginnings of a necklace piece I was playing around with. Tip: buy one of those application tools for the rhinestones — they are sanity savors!

Step 3: Allow your piece to dry completely. This takes several hours. When it’s dry, peel the fabric off of the wax paper — it comes off very easily. Trim the extra fabric off. If you need to attach fasteners, use Velcro or hooks and eyes. You can glue the Velcro on or sew the hooks and eyes.

Here are some simple finished looks. Now on to some harder things …



Clike here for next post that has more pics and tips. 

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”
~ Sonja Henie

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11 thoughts on “Make Your Own Ballroom Dancing Jewelry

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    • I use string or yarn as it shapes well. You can then place it on the mesh in the shape you want to cut out. It’s lots of fun to make your own stuff! You can also use clear bathroom calk on the back for your jewelry! Just make sure it’s clear. ;)

    • It does. What I like to do is use white elastic the width of bracelet I want. Measure it to my wrist, cut it and then sew the ends together. Then, cover it with nude mesh (or another color to match your outfit). Then bling away. These bracelets fit perfectly and go on very smoothly. No need to worry about them flying off. They look great!

  2. I would LOVE to make my own necklace out of lace with red and AB stones to match my new dress. Do you glue the lace onto the flesh-colored fabric first? Also, how do you secure a necklace such as the one at the top of the page closed?

    • I did not glue the lace onto any mesh. I have seen it done both ways. I don’t think you need to glue it onto mesh unless you’re trying to add latex to the back.
      I secure all my necklaces with Velcro. However, I have secured some with hooks and eyes for other ladies. I would love to see your final product!! :)

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